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Career Prospects

Fashion designing is one of the extremely lucrative and glamorous career option and opens a world of opportunities for anyone with a passion in this field. The options are limitless! It would be impossible to list every job available in the fashion industry, but here are some of the most common career paths.
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Fashion Designer

You could specialise in an area such as childrenswear, footwear, handbags, lingerie, menswear, sportswear or womenswear. You’ll usually start off as a fashion design assistant and progress to fashion designer and design director. You could even start your own fashion line.

Garment Technologist

You’ll be responsible for choosing and testing fabrics, ensuring the design can be made within budget, overseeing garment construction methods and carrying out the quality control of products to check for faults. You may also make production processes more efficient and/or sustainable.

Textile Designer

Often employed by fashion designers, you will create the 2D patterns for their designs. Textile designers are highly technical and possess in-depth knowledge about the production of textiles, including types of fabric and yarns, colour, dyeing, weaving, embroidery and printing methods.
Career Prospects-Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Illustrator

You will work closely with fashion designers to discuss their requirements and create conceptual sketches and illustrations of their products. This could involve using computer-aided design (CAD) software, painting and/or free-hand sketching.


You will put together visually appealing outfits (think clothes, accessories and props) that match the artistic vision set out for you, whether it’s for a catwalk show, photo shoot, advertisement, TV show, movie, concert or music video.

Fashion Merchandiser

You’ll work closely with buyers to ensure the right amount of stock is sent to the right stores at the right time. You may also be involved in coordinating sales and promotional offers. A head for numbers will help with the essential forecasting and monitoring of sales.

Visual Merchandiser

You’ll be guilty of tempting people to walk into stores and part ways with their money – simply by designing store layouts that are as irresistible as possible, from eye-catching window displays to envy-inducing mannequins.

Fashion Columnist

You could work for a newspaper, print magazine or website, writing articles on absolutely anything fashion-related, from live coverage of fashion weeks to a top ten list of Kate Middleton’s biggest fashion moments. You’ll usually start off in an entry-level editorial assistant role.
Nafdi Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photographer

You’ll probably work as a freelancer, meeting designers, coming up with concepts for shoots, setting up equipment and lighting on set, directing models and choosing/editing the best images or videos. Depending on each job, you could find yourself in a studio or on location anywhere in the world.

Nafdi Fashion Blogger/Vlogger

Fashion Blogger/Vlogger

You can make fashion blogging your job. You’ll cover a lot of areas: writing, photography/filming, website design, modelling/styling, social media, ad sales and public relations. As well as planning and creating your content, you’ll need to find Boutique owner

Wardrobe Assistant

You’ll specialise in either theatre, film or TV and you’ll help to make, find and look after the clothes needed for the production. Day-to-day, you might be sourcing clothes and accessories for different characters, fitting costumes for performers, and cleaning, mending and altering the clothes.

Studio Manager

You’ll oversee a fashion house’s studio, coordinating the pattern cutters, machinists and garment technologists. You will ensure that the work is progressing as planned, the deadlines are met, the budget is stuck to and patterns are made to the right standard.

Retail Manager

Every fashion retailer with physical stores needs managers. You may well start off as a sales assistant and work your way up to management. Working on the shop floor, you’ll ensure the store is run successfully – both in terms of excellent customer 

Career Prospects


Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Institutional, Health care, Retail spaces are some of the booming sectors.

According to the National Design Competitiveness Power 2008 report, India ranked 15th overall in the world for its design capabilities. India is also one of the few countries to adopt a National Design Policy. 

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