How to Become a Fashion Designer

If you are looking forward to a bachelor’s degree in fashion design in India, you have come to the right place. Below, we will discuss the top 5 steps that will help you become a successful fashion designer. Students interested must first take a degree in fashion design where they learn the history of fashion, textile industries and computer-aided fashion design, pattern making and figure drawing.

Complete the degree program:

The first step you will require to take to become a successful fashion designer is to complete a degree program. A Bachelor degree in fashion designing will offer you a platform to learn courses related to the history of fashion, figure drawing, textile, patterns and many more. In addition, you can opt for fashion merchandising after completing your degree. Under fashion merchandising, you will learn retail sales and promotion, merchandize planning, retail management, consumer behaviour and development of products.

Do hands-on experience to sharpen your skills:

Just taking a degree will not suffice as you will also require to sharpen your skills with hands-on experience. You will need to practice outside your classroom to get a design from an idea to a finished product. This can only be done after having hands-on experience for the best results. You can opt to take an internship program with a design firm to learn and get hands-on experience to sharpen your skills. You can also opt to volunteer for a fashion house and learn the necessary skills.

Learn the fashion business:

Business is what makes the fashion industry running, and all candidates need to learn the same. Besides fashion designing skills, you need to know sales, finance and marketing for the best results. Especially if you are looking forward to having your own fashion business, the fashion designing course in Mumbai is the best as it offers marketing, sales, and finance knowledge apart from fashion designing classes.


A portfolio is essential to showcase your talent to the outside world. Your employees need to know what you are good at and how you can benefit the company. This skill requires you to make a portfolio wherein you can demonstrate your skills and creative sensibilities. Besides, you can also mention the internships and other works you have volunteered for. You can also showcase your crafts in sewing, sketching and pattern making to impress employers. Ensure your portfolio has all the necessary elements for the best response.

Keep up with the trends:

Fashion is one industry that transforms very quickly, and it is essential to stay updated for the best results. It would help if you regularly read journals and magazines related to the fashion industry for the best results. The fashion industry evolves very quickly, and keeping updated is one of the biggest challenges. To ensure you are updated with the latest trends for the best results.


This article explains the top 5 steps for becoming a successful fashion designer. A degree in fashion designing is the first step you should take, followed by the rest for the best results. Ensure you follow the steps mentioned above for the best experience.