Fashion Designing: Should you learn it at home or at a premier institute in Mumbai?

Do you want to learn fashion design but are confused about whether you should learn it at home or a premier institute in Mumbai? Worry not! Go through this guide to understand the ways and advantages of studying fashion design both at home and at an institute. So, keep reading and pick the appropriate one. 

How to learn fashion design at home? 

  1. Study and keep studying 

The first step in learning fashion design at home is to study hard. Since you do not depend on any institute, you have to get help from some guides and online study materials. Make sure whatever you are studying is appropriate, and you understand everything. 

  1. Keep an eye on skill development

There is no value in your knowledge in a creative field like fashion design unless you have the right practical skills. Therefore, no matter whether you are studying fashion design at home or from a fashion design institute in India, you must keep an eye on skill development. 

  1. Focus your efforts 

If you are studying fashion design at home, you must focus your effort on a smoother journey. Fashion design is an enormous field with various career options. Hence, you first have to focus on the particular area of fashion design that matches your aesthetics. Now, keep studying, work hard, and soon become successful. 

  1. Build your brand 

When you know your niche field, it is time to build your brand. But before you begin, you must keep two things in mind. These are:

  • You should start from small. Since you’ve learned the entire course at home, you may not have gained the expertise and practical experience like those who have passed from renowned institutes. Additionally, you may get a hard time finding clients. Therefore, always start smaller and gradually improve your business. 
  • Never quit. It is pretty natural for almost all new fashion designers to get not enough fame and name on the first go. However, if you easily lose hope and quit, you can never achieve success. So no matter whatever the situation is if you love the job, keep doing it, and let’s see where it takes you!  avast password activation code 2017

Perks of learning fashion design at a premier institute in Mumbai 

If you select to study fashion design in the best fashion design institutes in Mumbai, some extra benefits are undoubtedly waiting for you. These are: 

  • You get the best study material
  • Professional assistance from experts 
  • Learn technical and practical aspects of fashion design
  • You get the chance of internship and therefore gain experience, which adds extra points to your portfolio 


As you can see, both studying fashion design at home and premier colleges in Mumbai are beneficial as long as you know the right techniques. Now that you know the fundamental difference between these two learning methods, hopefully, you will make the right decision soon. So, the choice is yours!