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Rethink. Recreate. Rebuild.


About Us

NAFDI School of Fashion Design is a premier art school, offering a series of globally benchmarked Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programmes.

Our fashion school is committed to excellence as it prepares students for successful careers in the Fashion, textile and apparel industry. The specialized courses seek to train future designers, creative individuals, academic leaders and professionals by laying a sturdy foundation in order to broaden horizons.

It engages students in a curriculum that values and supports interdisciplinary perspectives facilitating academic growth. It lays great emphasis on creating individuals who are socially sensitive, and conscious about their duties and responsibilities towards the environment. It seeks to create professionals who are aware of the ethical issues related to the textile and apparel industry. The courses help draw attention to and understand as well as appreciate various art forms, genres and artistic traditions in the field of textiles and costumes and enables the students to foster the appreciation and revival of various art forms. The important component of entrepreneurship helps encourage students to start their own ventures and thus create employment in the long run.

Through excellence in teaching and research, the specialization aims to create an educational experience that involves not only the acquisition of skills and knowledge but also cultivation of a mindset that emphasizes entrepreneurship, innovation, cultural awareness and commitment to public good.

Rethink. Recreate. Rebuild.


About Us

NAFDI Institute is exclusively dedicated towards conditioning individuals into highly qualified professionals in the field of Interior Design. With the focused aim of creating professionally, academically and ethically sound Interior Designers, NAFDI contributes to this burgeoning space in India. 

We aim to instil our students with strong ethical and moral professional values and thus prepare them for tomorrow’s competitive world. We prepare aspiring and competent interior designers and working professionals to be leaders in the field by drawing upon expert faculty, innovative approaches and strong industry relationships.

At NAFDI, Interior Design translates into ‘Design driven by Inspiration.’







These values are our core competencies and aid us in fostering a collaborative working and learning environment.


High ethical and moral standards


Mutual trust and teamwork


Passion for excellence


Research and innovation as a way of life


Recognition of efforts and achievements


Service and respect towards the community and industry

Academic Philosophy


Our courses have been conceptualized in accordance with the following eight core principles


We provide relevant and up-to-date curricula, one that is abreast with the developments of the Interior Designing Industry.


We maintain our students’ curiosity and interest levels; our education system is designed with an optimal mix of theoretical and practical concepts.


We aspire to nurture and empower our students into well-groomed, confident and successful Interior Designers.


We lay a high degree of emphasis on building relations within the industry; practical training, internships and workshops help in collaborating with the design world.


We pursue excellence by playing a proactive role in constantly stimulating our students’ intellect.


We aim to be recognized as a hub of excellence and strive towards building strong, serviceable and sustainable relationships within the industry.


We regularly provide challenging opportunities to motivate our students and broaden their horizons.


We incorporate meticulous and personalized evaluation with ongoing feedback, in order to ensure our courses are robust, and progress driven.



Infrastructure and Facilities


Our institute offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and hi-tech facilities. Our classrooms on all campuses are air-conditioned and equipped with laptops and LED projectors.

Wi-Fi Campus

Our campuses are equipped with a Virtual Private Network and high-speed broadband, as technology is the mainframe of education today.

Seminar Hall

Equipped with quality sound and picture devices, we conduct screening sessions for our students.


The department of Nutrition & Dietetics is enriched with facilities like well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment for interactive practical sessions and training.


Our libraries across all our campuses offer complete access to extensive electronic information resources and are also well-stocked with books, periodicals and journals.


We have tied-up with housing providers offering beneficial amenities, located close to our campuses across all centres. This enables our students to minimize their commute time, and explore the city during their leisure time.

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